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[ROM][Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370][7 Oct 2013] JELLYXPERIA V1.4

JELLYXPERIA #ROM port by Bon3ll

ROM Features

JellyXperia is the Xperia C Ported Custom Rom for Micromax A116 (kumar abhishek @ xda developers) and then Ported to Acer Liquid E2


-> Android 4.2.2
-> Xperia C Lockscreen
-> Xperia Z1 Small Apps
-> Xperia Z1 Themes
-> Xperia Z1 Launcher
-> Xperia Z1 Movies
-> Xperia Z1 Albums
-> Xperia Z1 Wallpapers
-> Xperia Z1 Walkman
-> Xperia Z1 Calculator
-> Xperia Z1 Clock
-> Xperia Z1 Calender
-> Xperia Z1 Email
-> Xperia Z1 Widgets
-> Xperia Z1 Sounds
-> Xperia Z1 Bootanimation
-> Xperia Z1 Fonts
-> Xperia Z1 Framework
-> Xperia Z1 Keyboard
-> Xperia Z1 Sketch App
-> Xperia Z1 Notes App
-> Sense Me Feature
-> Downlaod Music Info
-> Xperia C SystemUI
-> Xperia C Settings
-> Annoying G Signal Removed
-> Xperia Honami Album Share
-> Xperia Honami Sound Enhancement
-> Xperia C Icons
-> Moto X Active Notifications
-> 600mb Ram Free
-> Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
-> Music Control on Notification
-> Clear Bass
-> Clear Stereo
-> Clear Phase
-> Dynamic Normalizer
-> xLoud
-> Surround Sound VPT
-> Walkman Music Widget
-> Walkman DLNA
-> Friend Music FB
-> FB Music Like
-> Music Extension for find info on internet
-> Walkman More Stable
-> X-Reality Engine for Album & Movies
-> Photo & Video widget
-> Xposed Framework
-> Xposed Gravity Box
-> Xposed X-Theme Engine
-> Xposed XBlast Tools
-> Xposed Additions
-> New Baseband
-> Faster And Smoother
-> Pre-Rooted
-> busybox
-> Performance Tweaks
-> Faster Streaming
-> Net Speed Tweaks
-> No Delay In Making Call
-> Battery Tweaks
-> Proximity Tweaks
-> More RAM Free
-> Signal Tweaks
-> Better Responsiveness & Speed
-> Locked Launcher In Memory
-> Play Store 4.3.11
-> Enabled 270 Degree Rotation
-> Ziplagined and Deodexed
-> AD Block host by default
-> Gps.cofig added
-> Flashlight intensity increased

V1.2 Changelog

->Added Camera Fix


->Camera fixed
->FM Partial Fix
->GPS Fix
->HotSpot and WiFi Fix For Problematic Users


Aroma Installer
-Patch android services
-Better battery life
-Added MORELOCALE2 as system APP for partial ROM translation

Removed optional user apps
added GPS_Status_4.2.77.apk
added FasterGPS_1.7b.apk

NOTEnly English;Chinese and Indonesian languages available.

Download v1.2 JELLYXPERIA

Camera Patch v1.2

Download v1.4 07/10/2013

Download v1.4 07/10/2013 mirror

DOWNLOAD V.1.4.2 16/10/2013


###### LATEST #########
CHANGELOG V1.4.3 17/10/2013
<*>Improved scrolling responsiveness<*>
<*>Corrected Mounting SD<*>
<*>Phone will not wake up from hitting the volume rocker (Build prop tweak ro.config.hwfeature_wakeupkey=0 </*>
<*>Added Google's dns servers<*>

DOWNLOAD V1.4.3 - 17/10/2013

How to:

Wipe Data
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik




João Bonell

thank you kumar abhishek @ xda developers for the Micromax Port and for allowing my port

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